PSB VQ Beatdown HMP

Date: 2-1-19


QIC: PetShopBoy

# of Pax: 17

Glowstick, Bustedgrills, Gravity, Mayhem, LETC, Last, Sooner, Mcfly, Niles, TomSawyer, Pony Express, Dixie Chick, Hahvahd, Hush Money, WreckitRalph, Hush Money ParrotHead



CottonPickers 20 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

The Thang: mosey around Park to main intersection.

Round 1

100 push-ups OYO mosey to next small Parking Lot 150 squats OYO then mosey to pull-up bar area 50 burpees OYO 30 pull-ups OYO

Round 2

Mosey back to main intersection 50 push-ups OYO mosey around back to small parking lot 75 squats OYO then to pullup bar area 25 burpees OYO and 15 pull-ups OYO

Mosey to intersection and lunge to first light post turn around and lunge backwards to second light post after that mosey back to the AO!

Was a honor to be able to lead this AM!!



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