It’s not that the weather is cold, it’s what the cold represents.


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

PAX: Tiny-Tank, RX, Gerber, Franks


SSH X 30

Cotton Pickers x 15

Hill Billy’s X15

Merkins X10 4 Count

Mountain Climbers X10 4 Count


It was a beautiful morning but there was one thing missing……. PAX! To only have 5 Pax post on a Friday is definitely not to norm for Screaming Eagle which got me thinking. I tried to do a monologue on the NameORama but ended up turning off the video with my glove, so I will just leave this here for anyone that might need it today.

It’s not that the weather is cold, it’s what the cold represents. Cold represents adversity or obstacles that we might face on a daily basis and we typically have two options. We can let the cold/adversity win “Fartsack” or we can adapt and overcome that obstacle in out path and win the day!!

Which option did you choose this morning?


The Thang:

What should have been a slow mosey to Anderson Elementary was a pretty quick Indian run due to the gazelles we had post this morning. Once we arrived at the school I was shocked to see the gate was locked to the playground which meant we couldn’t play on the jungle gym today. No tome for crying… “This isn’t Stingray” Let’s keep moving!!! We found our way to the tennis courts for some 11’s.

11’s – LBC’S / and SSH

The goal was to keep everyone moving and once I realized people were sheading off multiple layers of jackets/gloves and hats in 32degree weather I knew I was doing something right. But wait there’s more!

Mosey to the pull up bar for “Give me a nickel please”

The exercise is to be performed with a set timeframe for as many rounds as possible, or AMRAP for all you CrossFit guys.

5- Pullups

10- Dips

15 – Merkins


25- Squats

Strong work by everyone! Mosey back to the flag just in time for COT.


Moleskin/ COT

Great Job today! Posting in the cold always shows who is ready to commit when things might not be ideal and what you are prepared to do as a leader and a high impact man.

Make sure to post at Tiny Tanks Q tomorrow at Iron Island Honoring a close friend of his who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

As always it a privilege to lead

Sir Mix out-


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