Sparkle Run

Date: 1/29/19

Q: Heisenberg

AO: Run Forest Run – UNCW

Pax: Bogey, Mr. Kotter, Daggerboard, Money Gun, Knucklepuck

The Thang: 20 SSH then hit the cross city trail for 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back followed by a Hoveround cool down lap around the parking lot.  Pax completed between 4.5-5 miles.

COT/Moleskins: Prayers for Tea Party, MacGyver, and the Noodle baby.  A few weeks ago LETC messaged me to say happy birthday and asked when was I going to do my birthday Q so this is my belated Q.  I couldn’t find sparklers so candles were a less sparkly substitute.  Happy birthday to Mr. Kotter last week.  Great to meet Bogey today. Thanks to Knucklepuck for volunteering to Q if I didn’t make it.  Fun to hear about the Southern Tours adventures.  I think Mr. Kotter and I almost talked Daggerboard into joining the 2019 BRR team.  Strong work by Money Gun.



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