Middle School Ruck

Date: 01/30/2019

Q: Flight Nurse

AO: HMP – Tough Ruckers

# Pax;(17) Seahorse, Okra, Pony Express, Chewie, Tombstone, Sooner, Twister, Bob Dole, Happy, Old Soul, Flight Nurse—FNGS!!!!! Gumbo, Cousin Eddie, Dr. Love, Dunder, Backpack, Honest Abe

Disclaimer: It was a bit of a wrangle at first so my memory is a little fuzzy.

Warmorama: 10 hand release merkins, 20 Squats, 20 Imperial walkers???…(can’t remember, made it up on the spot)

The Thang: Mosey to playground for 20 dips to make sure everyone was able to follow directions and kept together. Began ruck from playground parking lot toward tennis courts.

Since it was Tough Ruckers and we have fun, I came up with 10 trivia questions. Get it right and you pick the exercise for the Pax, get it wrong and the Pax get what they deserve!!!

First question was, How tall is Mark Johnson? The correct answer was 5’9″, 5″6″ was guessed. 10 burpees OYO………….5’9″??….you sure about that Sooner!

2 more questions on the way to Goose Poop Island (GPI). 1 right answer (10 cotton pickers) and 1 wrong (15 (4 count) mountain climbers).

Partnered up by the gazebo. 1 partner holds plank while the other does 2 laps of the stairs. 5 cycles of this caused some teenage angst and pain.

Mosey to intersection of GPI and Dog Park. Trivia question 4, How many teeth in the adult mouth? Answered correctly= 15 sumo squats (2 count)

Mosey to BB court for 4 man plank race (boards with rope, step together) team work exercise. Final Question to Sooner. Spell Deuteronomy? Nailed it…however time elapsed..10 merkins.

We proceeded directly to naming the FNG’s, which was hilarious and chaotic.


Prayers for Pax, relatives, first responders and military.

What an honor to lead and be led by these young men. Sooner and Twister are doing a magnificent job in their leadership and guidance of these young men. Praise God for them. We probably got 1.2-1.5 miles in, more importantly we got to spend an hour with some HIYM!!!

Special thanks to Tombstone , Seahorse and Okra for helping keep everyone safe.

See you next Wednesday!?!?


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