The Three Amigos! (or Stooges)

Date:  30 Jan 2019

Location: Screaming Eagle

QIC:  Donut

Pax: Rx, Hooch

Seriously?  Yes, is was cold and there was a slight breeze, but three pax?  On a Wednesday?  And YHC was the Q?  I will try not to take it seriously, but damn.  FiA showed up in force and provided an awesome soundtrack to parts of our workout.  Thank you ladies!

Warm-up:  SSHx 20; Hillbillies x20; Moroccan Night club for a while as we discussed shoulders and injuries.

The Thang:  YHC was not feeling entirely up to being creative at this Q given his recent spate of travel and the acquisition of  a sweet head cold (Zicam works for me).  So 4-corners it was, but we are doing a big loop:

  1. 10 burpies at the flag pole, then run
  2. 20 angle grinders at the concession stand (Carolina Dry Dock position, tap right knee with left hand, down to merkin position, complete the merkin, then alternate hand/knee taps), then run
  3. 20 dips at the House of Pain, then run
  4. 20 Smurf Jacks at the parking lot, then run back to the flag pole

Repeat, then run in reverse two times.

But wait, there is more….

11’s with squat jumps on the near side and smurf jacks on the far side, lunge walk between stations (approx 15 yards apart).  We got about half way through before we called time….

COT:  There wasn’t one.  The pax had to pull security for FiA as an apparent homeless gentleman was making everyone very uncomfortable by staring, walking between cars, and circling our group, etc.  We acknowledged his presence and were polite, but it was odd.

I hope you all enjoyed your sack of farts, while we were getting things done.




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