Kettlebells and Orange Cones

AO:  Heavy Metal Monday (HMP)

# of PAX:  12

PAX:  Seahorse, Gerber, Gumtree, Special K, Magnito, LETC, Sooner, Blue Steel, Mr. Kotter, Piranha, Messi

QIC:  Morpheus

WARM-A-RAMA:  20x SSH, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers.  Pick your favorite kettle bell (No, we do not store them in a heated area) and mosey to lower parking lot for…

THE THANG:  Line of spaced orange cones labelled with kettle bell exercises and # of reps; i.e., push-up lifts (10 ea. arm), 25 triceps ext., 30 KB swings, 20 upright row, 20 American Hammer, lawnmower rows (10 ea. arm), 20 overhead press.  When complete, mosey to playground for 5 pull ups, 10 dips, 20 donkey kicks, 20 Mahktar Ndiaye, 10 wall jumps/step ups.

After every 10 minutes of work, alarm would sound.  PAX line up across lot and race to retention pond and back 2x.  Winner plays Vanna White and selects which orange cone exercise to perform and leads the exercise, i.e., Man-maker Merkins (10 each side), 20 V-ups, and burpees.  Strong push Sooner and Kotter, who outpaced the field.  Nice modification by Sooner to end with the Circle-burp.

COT/MOLESKINZ:  Strong work all!  Guys are pushing hard and getting better and faster.  Strong finish on the running by everyone!  Magnito, particularly, with push at the end.

The self-proclaimed “greatest heavy metal mix” on Spotify may not have been but there was a lot of screaming.  Made the complaining harder to hear.

Prayers for those needing healing, particular McGyver.  Hope you feel better and rejoin the Gloom soon.

It is an honor.

Morpheus out


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