Gona Fly Now

Date: 1/26/19

AO: Iron Island

QIC: Special K

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Bone Spur, The Mountie, Flight Nurse, Punky, Hammerhead, Franks, Special K

Warm-o-rama: STHs + Burpees to chorus of Gona Fly Now

The Thang:

Mosey to Board walk area:

Station 1: on a bench

50 single leg hip thrusters- 25 each leg

50 bulgarian split squats- 25 each leg

50 decline merkins

50 step up/ jump ups

Beach mosey- est 5 min

Station 2: on a wall

50 step up/ jump up alternate legs

50 donkey kicks

Mosey: est 5 mins

Station 3: on a railing

50 inverted rows

50 muscle ups

mosey- est 5 mins

Station 4: on boardwalk

walking lunges up to .5 miles

mosey- est 5 mins

Station 5: Pull up bar/fence

50 pullups/ 100 fence humpers


Station 6: Stair sprints 

20 sets

Mosey back to AO around lake the long way

Mary: NA


Tea Party- continued recovery

FMB- continued prayers for nephews



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