Baywatch Sunrise Splendor

AO: Baywatch WB Park AKA The Best AO in the World

QIC: KnucklePuck

# of PAX: 26

PAX: Tom Sawyer, EOM, Bill Bellicheater, Vogue, Spin Dr, Double Check, Overbite, McFly, Tiny Dancer, MacGyver, Mine Craft, CoffeeBean, Footie, Sprinkles, Seahorse, LETC, Top Secret, Heisenberg, Busted Grill, Sunshine, Milton, Happy, Huck Finn, TBaum, Sooner.

Warmerama:  SSH x 50

Imp Walker x 50

Cotton Pickers x 25

The Thang: Mosy to the beach stop at Intracoastal for some Mary while the 6 catches up.  Circle up on the beach for a Thankful Burp #ifyouwerethereyouwouldknowwhatthisis #comingtoaworkoutnearyou.  Partner Dora following the Thankful Burp.  100 Merkins, 200Squats, 300 LBC’s while partner runs to next public access and back.  Mary for the 6.

Escalator/De-Escalator run 7 beach accesses and at each increase reps by 1 Merkins on the way there sit-ups on the way back.  Mary for the 6.  Mosy back to the flag stopping at Intracoastal for a 50 count of hello dolly.  Mary at the flag for 5 minutes.

COT/Moleskin: Prayers to MacGyver that his back will be better.  Cardinal run coming up to benefit Pediatric Cancer, Spartan run coming up designated channel on slack.  Prayers for the Military and First Responders.  God Bless The USA!!!!!!!


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