Don’t Forget Your Atlas

Date: 1/25/19

AO: Stingray

QIC: Wapner

# of Pax: 18

Pax: 10-Count, EOM, Butterfly, Shines, Kmart, Offering Plate, Spin Doctor, LETC, Etch a Sketch, Mathlete, Snail Mail, Knuckle Puck, Coffee Bean, Flounder, Geiger, Sparky, Shakedown, Wapner

Warm-o-rama: Seal claps x 25 (IC), Windmill x 20 (IC), Lunges x 20 (IC), Cotton Pickers x (25)

The Thang: We carried the Atlas Stones to the shelter closest to the AO. We then partnered up for 3 rounds of:

Atlas Stone squats x 20 / LBCs

Atlas Stone Twists (stand back to back and twist to pass the stone to your partner who twists the other way to hand it back) x 20

Step-ups x 20

Pull-ups x 20

We moseyed over to the parking lot for Dora: 100 Merkins, 200 Lunges, 300 Freddy Mercury.

COT: Prayers for Etch a Sketch’s design program.  Sign up for the Cardinal Strut. Florence Clean up this weekend in Burgaw.


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