Batter Up -bluegrass beat down

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 1/25/2019

# of Pax: 12

PAX: Sooner, 8-Penny, Baby Daddy, Cannoli, Homer, Skywalker, Laloosh, All-Season, Clear, Ric Flair woooo!!, Brady, AED

With today being the 25th day of January I thought what better way to start the warm-up than with 25 reps.


Seal Claps – IC x25

Cotton Pickers – IC x25

Moroccan Night Clubs – IC x25

The Thang

We rolled right into the workout after the warm-up. What better way to get excited for baseball season than to do pyramid merkins.

First Exercise – Pyramid Merkins

1….9….1 – We started with one merkin – rolled over and did 1 shoulder press then rolled back over and went all the way up to 9 for all the players on the field…then back down. We had 8-Penny to thank for 9…I was going to stop and 8 before we moved back down the pyramid.

Next Exercise – The Cycle

Sticking with the baseball theme we moved on to hitting for the cycle. This is an awesome feet where the batter hits a single, double, triple and then a homerun all in the same game. So we did the same thing…

Single – bear crawl to 1st base + 3 burpees then run back home.

Double – bear crawl around 1st stopping at 2nd + 6 burpess then run back home.

Triple – bear crawl around 1st and 2nd stopping at 3rd + 9 burpees then run back home.

Homerun – dinger – touch’em all – bear crawl around the bases + 12 burpees.

Sooner and 8-Penny decided to play the younger/older who’s faster who’s better…I’m pretty sure that neither of them one this battle.

Next Exercise – 4 corners around the bases x2 rounds

1st Base – 10 squats

2nd Base – 10 Bobby Hurley’s

3rd Base – Lunges 10 each leg

Home – 10 copperhead squats

Next Exercise – 11’s (Brady justified the baseball tie-in. 9 players+1 head coach+1 assistant coach + 11!!!  At one point instead of asking who was motivated I asked who still liked me… was very silent.

Side A – merkins

Side B – monkey humpers

Next Exercise – Captain Thor’s Americans – I wore my CPT America t-shirt and thought you do an american hammer…so why not captain americas…

1 big boy sit-up+4 american hammers = 1:4

we worked are way up the scoreboard scoring a lovely 10:40 ratio.

Next Exercise – yes there was more so much time left for more more more!!!!!

Step-ups and Incline Merkins x3 rounds

5 step-ups each leg + 10 incline merkins = 1 round

Mary – there are actually 5 women playing professional baseball at this time…but none of them are named Mary.

Hello Dolly – IC x25

Box Cutters – IC x25

Freddie Mercury – IC x25


Q-source today at Bojangles – right after this is over.

Prayer requests – Ric Flair woooo! has final exams this week into next Tuesday. Prayers for his studies, clear mind and full recollection on test days of the material he has studied.

Prayer for our military and first responders who put it on the line each and every day so we can be safe here at home.

Strong work by all this morning. Thanks for showing up in the gloom to better yourself physically. Thank you Lord for bettering us spiritually.


Bluegrass out!



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