BreakPoint Bootcamp Jim Cantore Style

Location: Empie Park

QIC: KnucklePuck

PAX: Sooner, Heisenberg, Hush Money, 8 Penny

# of PAX: 5

Warmerama: SSH x 50

Imperial Walker x 50

Freddie Mercury x 50

The Thang: Solara AKA Solo Dora Each exercise preceded by a lap around parking lot.  50 Merkins, 100 Step Ups, 200 LBC’s, 100 Dips, 100 Sit Ups, 100 Sit ups

COT/Moleskin: All Sooners prayer requests which are escaping me right now.  Thanks to the 4/5 PAX that had never been to Empie park before including myself.  Strong support in the monsoon Jim Cantore would be proud!



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