Wednesdays Twenty Three’s

Date: 01/23/2019

QIC: Punky

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: (8) Franks, RX, Meatloaf, Hooch, Tiny Tank, Reflux, Tombstone, & YHC

YHC introduced himself and stated that he is NOT A PROFESSIONAL! To modify where necessary.

Warm Up:

  • 23 SSH (4 count IC)
  • 23 Cotten Pickers (4 count IC)
  • 23 Moroccan Night Clubs (4 count IC)
  • 23 Imperial Walkers (4 count IC)

The Thang:

Mosy’d to the side road that’s between landing strip and field and had the PAX set up for what I called “The 9 trees of 23’s”. This consisted of all the PAX starting at the first tree in the row of nine trees. Each being an exercise station, doing 23 reps of designated exercise at that tree (station), run to the next tree in that row perform the exercise and so on and so forth to the ninth tree. The exercises for this revolution are:

  • 23 Burpee’s (4 count OYO)
  • 23 LBC’S (4 count OYO)
  • 23 Squats (4 count OYO)
  • 23 Flutter Kicks (4 count OYO)
  • 23 Alternating Side Steps (4 count OYO)
  • 23 Heloo Dolly’s (4 count OYO)
  • 23 Mountain Climbers (4 count OYO)
  • 23 Freddie Mercury’s (4 count OYO)
  • 22 Merkins + 1 Diamond Merkin (single count OYO)

Mary was held after the ninth tree while waiting on the 6 which consisted of:

  • 23 American Hammers (4 count IC)
  • Planking with a 10 count

We then Mosy’s from the “9 trees of 23’s” to cut through and in between the fields and crossed the “pull up expressway” to the said shelter with benches (the picnic tables with benches). Upon arrival YHC had the PAX perform:

  • 23 Alternating Step Ups (4 count OYO)
  • 23 Decline Merkins (single count OYO)
  • 23 Bench Dips (single count OYO)
  • 23 Incline Merkins (single count OYO)

Al Gore was held with a 23 count, then Mary showed up which consisted of 23 Box Cutters (4 count OYO) while waiting for the 6 to catch up.

We then hopped onto the “pull up expressway” and Mosy’d (with an Indian Run) to the pull up bar location with a 10 count once we arrived. Only to do no pull ups, and do three non pull up exercises there on the concrete, which consisted of:

  • 23 Bobby Hurley’s (single count OYO)
  • 23 Big Boy Sit Up (single count OYO)
  • 23 Seal Claps (single count OYO)

Mary was present one more time with a Plank and 10 count.

We then Mosy’d (with a Dos Loop) from the pull up bar location back to the AO by way of the “pull up expressway”.


Countorama – Done and made up for the one that was missed in the beginning. All 8 PAX made it back. @Meatloaf and @ Reflux did a great job sticking with it!!

Nameorama – We can make you famous at SE!!

Announcements, Prayers, Praises – @Hooch spoke up about filling up and getting on the Q calendar for February if you haven’t yet. @Franks said he would follow up by posting the calendar on slack #f3screamingeagle. @TinyTank announced that he will be Q’ing Feb 2nd at Iron Island. We will be doing the Whitten WOD to commemorate the passing of CPT Dan Whitten. Dan died of combat wounds sustained on 2 Feb 2010 in Afghanistan. Ball of Man: YHC prayed us out for the day, to be better friends, husbands, fathers. Prayed for those effected by the so far, long drawn out government shutdown and are fur lowed. That there can be peace, comfort, and that there needs can be provided for in this time. Prayed for our first responders as well as our service men and woman, in garrison and abroad and for there families.

It has been a pleasure to serve and lead!! Super Strong work by all!!

Punky out!!


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