BG at BG


The PAX: Sooner, Tom Sawyer, Snickers, Morpheus, Crosswalk, Laloosh, Magneto. (cameo runners: The Hoff, Gage, Sloppy Joe)


Warm up: Seal claps 20 IC, toy soldiers 20 IC, windmills 20 IC

The Thang: Move to the mulch, soft ground, for 30 partner assisted sit ups. plank for the 6. Round abouts 5 each way, 2 back flip burpees OYO. The flips were ground flips, aka backward somersaults, lots of groans seem to bode well for the possibility of a future for BFB’s, or not. Mosey to the courtyard for 20 wide arm merkins, 20 prisoner down on your knees squats, 20 heels to heaven. Mosey the short loop back to the courtyard for 20 merkins, 20 step ups, and 20 Freddy Mercuries. There are pull up bars nearby so we mosey there. Pull up pyramid 2-4-6-8-6-4-2. With a Tom Sawyer pull up bar available some PAX opted for that. Next 5 toes to the bar, knees to chest or hang and lift your legs as high as you can, followed by 5 more of whatever you did the 1st time. Mosey to shelter for crunchy frogs 20 IC and dips 20 IC. Since the youngest PAX protested the above we did them again. Mosey to the parking lot for sprints across and back, 2 lines of 4 with 5 reps.

Mary: LBC’s 20 IC, the dog 20 IC, flutter kicks 20 IC, and Tom Sawyer took us out with his favorite, Russian rockettes 25 IC.

Counterama, Namerama

COT: Prayers for the PAX, country, 1st responders and military.

Thanks for the opportunity,









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