Cannoli’s Quarter Pounder

F3 LA – Cannoli’s Quarter Pounder

Date: 01/18/19

Location: Leland Town Hall Park

QIC: Cannoli

# of PAX: 14

PAX: AED, All Season, Baby Daddy, Bluegrass, Brady, FNG (Osmond), Heisenberg, La Loosh, Magneto, Morpheus, Rick Flair, Snickers

Warm Up

Cross Country Ski x15 (IC)
SSH x30 (IC)
Arm Circles x15 (IC)

The Thang


PAX partner up and perform standard DORA format except the running portion is suicides with two points. The Q originally started with three suicide points, but did not allow the PAX to equitably share the exercises. Modify on the fly!
Exercises: Carolina Dry Docks x50, Indian Situps x100, Sumo Squats x150

Next the PAX circled up for a Circle Burp. All enjoyed and Snickers decided to tell a tale…

Lastly the PAX came together for the main event…the Quarter Pounder, times 1.5

“Quarter Pounder”

All PAX started at one end of field with four cones laid out approximately 25 yards apart in front of them to form a rough football field length field. The PAX would start by running to the first cone (25 yards) and perform Merkins (x25) then run backwards back to the starting point. The PAX would then run to the second cone (50 yards) and perform Squats (x50), then run backwards back to the starting point. This would continue to the third cone (75 yards) and performing Mountain Clibmers (x75), and finally to the fourth cone (100 yards) and peforming SSH (x100).

Once all PAX were complete, the Q decided to throw in another (half) Quarter Pounder exactly the same but only performing the exercises up to the second cone. The workout concluded with some Mary consisting of Protractor and Flutter Kicks.

FNG was brought into the middle of the circle and after various lines of questioning, the FNG announced many people felt he looked like Donny Osmond. Everyone agreed and the Q deemed him “Osmond.”
F3 Q Source at Bo Time following the workout lead by YHC and Q.
Prayers for Snikcer’s friend out had a cardiac episode while having dinner at home with Snickers and the M’s. He is in the hospital recovering.

It was a true honor to lead these amazing #HIM, as always, and I look forward to the next time. Thanks for pushing me to be my best.

Cannoli OUT!


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