Remember the Titans

Q: Special K

PAX: Snickers, Piranha, Seahorse, Kramer, Snap-on, Morpheus, Gravity, Wapner,___________ ____, Special K w special guest appearance by Ugly Stik

Warm-o-ramma: Seal Claps x 68 IC (MLK assassinated in 1968), Indian Run

The Thang: Remember the Titans (music inspired by the movie focusing on Unity for MLK Day Beat down)

OYO Pearls on a string (due to technical difficulties and the wind!)

1st Set- Merkins, Reverse Grip Bent over Row, American Hammer, Reverse grip squat press, SUICIDE

2nd Set- Clap Merkins (or Tclap merkins), Upward row, Freddie Mercuries, 180 Squat jumps, Suicide

3rd Set- Chest press legs 6 inches, Swings, Mountain Climbers, Low plank lateral hops, Straight arm front raise, squatted curl, suicide

4th set- wide arm merkin, one arm rows (switch at 30), Shoulder press, Straight leg toe touch, curls, tri extensions, suicide

5th Set- Burpees, ww2 situps, maek tar jaye, hillbillies, crazy kicks, suicide

Mary: Heals to heaven, Vups

COT: Shout out to all the PAX who participated in the Southern Ultra! Ghost flag back in Leland for now… Rumors of a State wide Flag in the works. Snickers and Tombstone to allegedly complete the OAR workout on the 29th.









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