Frozen Tundra Mora Dora

QIC: Punky

Date: 01-21-19

AO: Sreaming Eagle

# of PAX: (7) RX, Tombstone, Tom Sawyer (respect), 8-Penny, Tubbs, Meatloaf, & YHC

YHC introduced himself and stated that he is NOT A PROFESSIONAL! Exercise at your own risk and modify where necessary. The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Warm Up:

15 SSH (4 count) – IC

15 Cotton Pickers (4 count) – IC

15 Mountain Climbers (4 count) – IC

15 LBC’s (4 count) – IC

15 Hello Dolly’s (4 count) – IC

15 Flutter Kicks (4 count) – IC

10 Merkins (4 count) – IC

The Thang:

Mosy from the AO to just past the pull up bar location to the first basketball court all while catching ‘old man winter’s crosswind chill. Upon arrival, had the PAX partner up for Dora which consisted of one of the PAX starting (100) Merkins, (200) LBC’s, and (300) squats (with good squat form required from @TomSawyer) while the PAX run to the pull up bar and and crank out 5 pull ups on the cold steel to alternate and accumulate the exercise all the way through. It was clear to see that we started warming up and thawing the bars and ground as all the PAX put in Strong Work!!

Mary… Yep, she showed up. Which consisted of Planking and then some of Tom Sawyers Pickle pumpers until the 6 caught up.

We then mosy’d and took the longer route from the Dora location around the front of the school (with pax in the front of the mosy taking a circle back to grab the 6 once) to where the SE coupons are staged at said building. Had PAX partner up again and grab (1) coupon (Cinder-Block) between the both and set up for Modified Dora that consisted of one PAX starting (50) – Overhead shoulder press, (100) – Bicep curls, (150) – Chest press, while the other PAX ran to the third light pole to do (10) American Hammers, then alternate and accumulate the exercise.

PAX would hold Mary again, which consisted of LBC’s while waiting on the 6.

We then proceeded to put the coupons back to where they were staged, then cleaned up and put back other coupons (cement balls and telephone pole sections) that were left out from someone else’s previous workout. Unsure of why it was left that way, but we did a complimentary clean up on there behalf. We then Mosy’d (tight mosy) with an Indian Run back to the AO with a stiff head wind on the final turn.


Countorama – Still had 7 warmed up and thawed out PAX!!

Nameorama – was done and nailed it on the first shot with the smart device that was in my hand with the exception that there was a long pause between YHC stating his first and last name (had a brainfart moment)…

Prayers, Praises, & Announcements – it was announced again about #TheOar board challange and requirements for a PAX to get there name on there. Also @Tubbs brought up and the other two boards that are floating around. YHC prayed us out with being Thankful and Grateful for the PAX of this morning workout and the Men of F3 and for how we can continue to hold each other Accountable through Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Prayed for @f3chickennoodle and his family as his M is expecting very soon, prayers for peace, comfort, and to be humble during this time for there family. Prayed for all our first responders and those who are currently serving abroad.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning! It was a pleasure to battle the frozen tundra and crosswinds to get the blood flowing with some great PAX!! Hats off to @8pennyf3 for putting EC before the workout. Strong Work to all!! Punky out….


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