Baywatch Hx Lesson

Date: 1/19/19

Q: DblChk

PAX: 20 Great Men


SSH/Crunchy Frogs/Hill Billies x20 IC


The pax were asked when the town of WB was incorporated. After a few answers, everyone was informed that the correct date was 1899.

Therefore, 1+8+9+9=27. The Q selected 3 individual Pax and asked them to share with the group their favorite exercise & we completed 27 reps of said exercise.

Time to mosey to the Methodist church and hold plank while BlueGrasses kiddos (3 musketeers) look for the building marker distinctly telling us when the church was built.

1954. 1+9+5+4=19. Again, 3 pax were asked their favorite exercise to share with the rest of us.

Time to mosey to the WB firefighters memorial and share with everyone how Lt. Wynne lost his life protecting lives & property of WB on 12/6/1981.

Rather than ask Pax for suggested exercises. Q decided to utilize the benches in the area for Dips/Incl. & Dec Merkins.

Time to mosey to the Blockade Runner. Pax were asked if the location we were on had ever been another hotel/motel? They answered correctly and instead of doing Burpees we did Moroccan Night Club.

Time to mosey to the Yacht Club & hold plank while the 3 musketeers located any of the numerous signs which told us when the CYC was founded. 1853. Pressed for time, only one exercise was called and its was a doozy on that rough pavement. We completed 17 Freddie Mercuries IC.

Time to mosey back to the Blockade Runner where we learned some history about the previous hotel in the early 1900’s & its demise leading up to the development of the current Structure. Blockade Runner was built in 1963. WW II Sit ups x19 OYO.

Mosey to Trolly Stop Hot Dogs. Pax were asked what the buildings original use was and informed that it was previously the towns post office. After adding up the numbers for the towns zip code (28480) we completed American Hammers x22 IC.

Time to mosey to the real estate building and face the flag, say the pledge of allegiance all while doing squats and holding your hand in the correct location.

Time to mosey back to the AO for MARY.


Footie/Vogue thank you for your svcs in making our crossings safe.

Q placed a temporary ban on Burpees after Shakespeare called them as an exercise.

3 Musketeers did great running all that distance. You’ve done a great job with them bluegrass. Very well behaved.

Thanks Minecraft for helping me shed some body hair. The M is grateful.

Never let a woman walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper hanging off her dress.

Great to get to know you sunshine.

Thank you Last for holding me accountable in the beginning. Made for a much better workout.


Vogue mother receiving uplifting news as she’s been fighting cancer for 4 years.

Svc Men killed overseas this past week.

All PAX at the second best AO in the nation (Iron Island). Those PAX at the STU & of course those not with us today, but wish they were.

*Side Note*

Leading is an honor for the very fact that we have the ability to do so. Also, an honor because we chose to. It is our response to our ability. “Responsibility” Put like that – Holds a different meaning (to me at least).

Furthermore, leading always morphs into learning & this is where the honor continues and enriches us when we choose to lead.

Thank you all for contributing to me being a better man so that I am prepared for what God has in store. Not just for me, but for us all. This was my 4/5th time leading and reminded me I need to lead more.

*Double Side Note*

New Lexicon: NNOP (this could be a clothing brand like Good Life & the stick figures)

No Negativity Only Positives

Someone starts complaining about something and another PAX immediately says, “NNOP”. As in nope, don’t wanna hear it..

-Always an Honor

-DblChk Out


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