Where’s Hoff

Date:  1/17/19

AO: Cool Runnings HMP

QIC: Pony Express

# of PAX: 14

PAX: Snickers, Bonespur, Tiny Dancer, The Hoff, Gerber, Tenenbaum, Bob the Builder, Bluewater, Tank, Howser, Morpheus, Sloppy Joe, Johnny Gage, Pony Express

Warmorama: SSH IC x 20, Cottonpickers IC x 20, and 30 seconds of stretching OYO

The Thang:

The Hoff is on the way. The plan is to run to the golf course.  We head out of the parking lot towards the circle around goose poop island and then back through the park to the golf course. Once at the golf course we start the run at the 18th hole. Just after the 18th hole we see a light in the distance running towards us. Sure enough, the Hoff is running up to us. We continue on our route around the golf course all the way back to the clubhouse. We do some LBC’s while we wait for the six. Now, it is time to head back to the AO. We get back in time for some Mary. Hoff jumps first to lead with some flutter kicks.  Next, I lead in some American Hammers. And last, Tank leads us in some plank exercises.

Thanks to the PAX for posting this morning it was a blast.

COT/Moleskin: Prayers for those affected by the Government shutdown, and for those running in the Southern Tour Ultra.

Pony Express out!




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