Blue Light Special (History)

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Tennenbaum, Tom Sawyer ESQ.,Bone Spur, Hoveround, Gravity, Mr. Kotter, Daggerboard, Sweatervest, Tank, Tombstone, Money Gun, Sooner, Fatback, Wreck it Ralph

Warm up: SSH 20 IC, cotton pickers 20 IC

The Thang: As we mosey to the former K-Mart parking lot, YHC begins the history lesson. So in the late 1800’s a Minnesota railroad employee acquired a bunch of watches and decided to sell them by mailorder. He moved to Chicago and his mailorder business started to prosper. Mr. Sears hired a Mr. Roebuck to repair his watches. In 1925 he opened his first store in Chicago. His retail business took off. So at the former K-Mart parking lot we will run rectangular laps moseying on the long sides and sprinting the short sides in honor of Mr. Sear’s sprint to the hights of retail sales. During the next few decades including the 50″s when I was growing up Sears became a high stepping retail giant. So after 4 laps of sprinting the short sides we will do high knees on the short sides. In 1962 a guy named Sam started a business in Arkansas that began to rise in retail sales. Sears was still singing a beautiful song, but eventually the song started to go off key much like in karaoke which is what we did on the next set of short sides. In 1994 a little company called Amazon started and by 2004 Sears was bought out by K-Mart. Together they became proficient at running backwards which is what we did for the next short sides. What actually happened was 12 laps of the 4 runs and the planned burpees at the end to signify the collapse of the merged business didn’t happen. We did do 30 merkins IC at the end of the laps. Maybe this was more appropriate since I am pretty sure the collapse is not complete at this time. The Q did not quite make all 12 laps due to a miscalculation of the stamina needed to explain the history and running details all while moseying to the K-Mart parking lot. Apologies to the hardline “if you can’t do it don’t Q it” crowd. We then moseyed back to the flag arriving at 0615.

Mary: Nope

COT: Prayers for a teaching group going to India which includes Sweatervests’ pastor Paul Phillips. One of their party was denied entry to India, so we prayed they will all get into India safely and be able to teach the Indian pastors effectively. Also prayers for the PAX, 1st responders, our leaders etc.


Thanks for the opportunity,    BG



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