Lots of Movements!!


QIC: Snickers

Location: LMM

12 PAX: YHC, LaLoosh, Clear, Rick Flair, Tom Sawyer, Gravity, FNG (All Season), Punky, BabbyDaddy, AED, Magneto, Morpheus

Warmorama: Bat Wings- 20 forward arm circles(hold), 20 backward arm circles (hold), 20 overhead claps (hold), 20 seal claps, Cotten Pickers ICx15, and Imperial Walkers ICx20

The Thang:

Mosey to the senior center for Backs to the walls, while holding a wall sit all PAX one at a time will complete 20 squats. So a least a 4 minutes wall sit. Maybe the toughest part of the workout. 

Planed for eight stations but had 12 PAX, so I had to adjust on the fly. The stations included KB Swings, Shoulder press, Bob and Weave, Squat thrusters, Curls, Dead Lifts, Tricep Extensions, Burpee Box Jumps, Dips, Incline Merkins, Decline Merkins, and Walking Lunges. 

The work was a Tabata with 30 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest. Every eight movements there was a breakout. The Breakouts consisted on running to the tree line completing 15 merkins and running back. The time was a little off, needed 2 minutes for breakouts instead of 75 seconds. I also set up my Seconds app wrong so it didn’t announce the Breakout like I thought it would. So we missed the first 15 seconds of most of them:) 

When the time was out, we collected the cold steel and loaded it back in my truck and headed to the COT. #TCLAPS to Laloosh for continuing to post and for bringing his 2.0 All Seasons this morning. Also wanted to shout out to Magneto for posting five times in his first week with F3. Strong work and for our over the bridge brothers for posting in the #bestAOinBC… Gravity, Tom Sawyer, Magneto, Morpheus, and Punky 

Mary: NONE


COT: Prayer for F3 Nation, First responders, and for those serving in the US military 

Announcement: Every Friday BoTime is happening and will be covering Qsource. The OAR race has started!!! Leland claim 1st PLACE on the 29th. Southern Tour Ultra is this Saturday. Also trying to get five PAX to make a run for the Ghost flag this Saturday 

Strong work Everyone. Was an honor and privilege to Q the workout today at F3 Whiteville. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is. 

Snickers OUT


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