We could be heroes…


QIC -Niles

Pax: Kramer , Parrot Head, Busted grill glowstick, Mayhem, Wreck it Ralph, Pet shop boy,  fire Marshall Bill, Gravity, Dixie chick, Howzer, special K , Last , Gerber , Mr Kotter, McFly

Searching for inspiration and feeling Under Pressure to deliver, YHC decided to celebrate and honor David Bowie and the two-year anniversary of his passing with an homage to the Starman himself .

28°! Let’s Dance!!

17 Young Americans did an Indian run to the tennis courts followed by 11s , the nifty 50, balls to the wall, broga , sprints, more broga a 400 m , more sprints and then some more broga.


Wreck it Ralph is clearly still enjoying his Golden Years in golden health as is Busted grill who enjoyed the rock ‘n’ roll. He notably complained much less than usual about my musical stylings.

McFly – sorry I didn’t recognize you. Must be your new Fashion.

Last – I’m digging the facial hair my dude. Hope you’re having luck with Modern Love on those dating sites

Gravity – Where are we now ? 200 ? Fourth-quarter Boys keep swinging !

Parrothead’s claim to Fame is that I think he actually smiled before the sunrise.

Special K and Kramer were Heroes for sharing a clown car and saving the planet. More car pools =Panic in Detroit.

Mr. Kotter – I’m glad you subconsciously sensed a need to play Bowie yesterday. Truly a Space oddity!

Mayhem, Gerber, Dixie chick, fire marshal go glow stick, PSB – sorry I ran out of Bowie tunes but Stay attuned to the universe!

Kudos to 16 year old Howzer posting while All the Young Dudes were still in bed.


Prayers for Gravity’s friends husband who passed away unexpectedly, for Rainmaker’s health, for Q source and continued positive Changes in F3 Cape Fear and spiritual growth for the pax.

All you pretty things – until we meet again.

Aye , Niles

*17 Bowie songs titles buried in the backblast.



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