LaLoosh you got This!!!


QIC: Snickers

Location: LA

6 PAX: YHC, LaLoosh, Stretch, Clear, Cannoli, and FNG (Rick Flair)

Warmorama: Bat Wings- 20 forward arm circles(hold), 20 backward arm circles (hold), 20 overhead claps (hold), 20 seal claps, Cotten Pickers ICx, Merkin Wave Starting with 1 going to 5, and  Copper Head Squat IC x15

The Thang:

Mosey to the senior center for Balls to the walls with 10 Shoulder taps each while we held. 

Back to the AO for a Partner workout. All six PAX partner up for a somewhat complicated explanation of what is happening next:) The space used was a U from the parking lot around the Senior Center. The partners would always meet in the middle for a partner excerise that would rotate between Partner pushups and Partner big boy sit-ups, Five each PAX. The partners would start on opposite sides of the U. Each PAX would go back and forth from each side of the U and perform an exercise. The exercises were,  stop one 5 Burpees, Run back complete 10 Lunges (5each Leg), run back 15 squats.  While meeting your partner in the middle each time to rotate through the partner exercises listed above. The was a rinse and repeat. We completed 2-2/3 revolutions. 

Want to give a two shout out this morning. First to our 15-year-old FNG Rick Flair. Strong work!!! Second to LaLoosh who made is second F3 post in one week. Keep up the work brother!! 

Mary: LBC’s ICX25

 COT: For Cannoli’s wife who is three weeks from delivering baby number four.

Announcement: Every Friday BoTime is happening and will be covering Qsource. The OAR race has started!!! Will Leland claim 1st PLACE???

Strong work Everyone. Was an honor and privilege to Q the workout today at F3 Whiteville. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is. 

Snickers OUT


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