Impromptu Pearls on a String


AO: Break Point

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 3

PAX: Hush Money, Gravity

YHC arrived at Break Point at 0525 thinking there would be PAX waiting. Only there weren’t… Hush Money rolled in at 0528 and while YHC searches for gloves a headlamp began to emerge from the darkness. Attached to said headlamp was none other than Gravity, the non-runner, who’d run to the AO from home, ~2.5miles. I think it’s safe to say Gravity IS a runner.



Toy Soldiers x25IC

Cotton Pickers x20IC

The Thang

YHC had planned some Dora-esque work, but with 3 PAX total, improvised with Pearls on a String.

Mosey to the shelter

Incline Merkins x10

Derkins x10

Steps Ups x10 (each leg)

Mosey to the playground

Pull Ups x5

LBC x25

Mosey along CCT & around to new park entrance

Head onto Tennis Court

Speed 11’s – Burpees & Squats

Freddie Mercury x20IC

Head back across park & out to Park Ave via CCT – around to entrance & back to the flag.


Heels to Heaven x25IC

100’s x25IC

COT /Moleskin

Prayers for FMB’s nephews, Kim (Rainmaker), first responders.

OAR Board – post at ALL Cape Fear AO’s / sign the oar.

Big Rock Bible Study following.

TClaps to Hush Money for continuing to post. Keep it up, you already did the hard part, waking up early.

TClaps to Gravity. You’re killing it. You’ll crush your 5 miles at the Ultra.

Until next time…



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