Hump Day Escalator and Merkinfest

DATE: 01/09/19


QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX 16

PAX: Wreck-It Ralph, LETC, Blue Steel, Eight Penny, Ugly Stick, Shuffle, Mayhem, Fire Marshall Bill, Glow Stick, Pet Shop Boy, Trump, Venus, Icebox, Milton, Snickers

16 PAX found their way to the OGAO for a hump day beatdown on the last warm morning before the chill returns.


SSH X 30
Imperial Walker X 25
Merkin X 10
Mountain Climbers X 20
Burpees X 8 – which was the point differential for the Tar Heel vs. Wolf Puppy game last night(90-82 in case you missed it)


Mosey to the baseball field for 4 corners escalator
Run to right field corner
10 burpees
Bear crawl to center field
10 burpees
20 180 Bobby Hurleys
Crab walk to left field
10 burpees
20 180 Bobby Hurleys
30 flutter kicks
Backwards run to home plate
10 burpees
20 180 Bobby Hurleys
30 flutter kicks
40 Balls to wall shoulder taps

Mosey around Freedom Way stopping at each speed bump for Merkins
Dead stop Merkins X 10
Wide arm Merkins X 10
Spider Merkins X 10
Mountain Climber merkins X 10
Diamond Merkins X 10
Plyo Merkins X 10
Carolina Dry Dock X 10

Stop at pull-up bars
Pull-up negatives X 5
Toes to bar X5
10 fence jumps
Chin-up negatives X 5
L-sit X 5
10 fence jumps

Sprint 25 yards then 25 merkins and back
Sprint 50 yards then 50 squats and back
Sprint 75 yards then 75 mountain climbers and back
Running out of time so sprint 100 yards then mosey to flag


Good turnout today with great effort by all
Strong work Icebox – keep grinding
Great to see you back Milton
Hey Blue Steel there’s that van again
Prayers for FMB’s nephews
Thanks for the opportunity to lead

Tiny Dancer


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