Battleship Beatdown Bluegrass Style

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 1/10/2019

# of Pax: 9

PAX: Fatback, Dagger Board, Money Gun, Mr. Kotter, Heisenberg, Snickers, 8-Penny, Fire Marshall Bill

Today was the first time leading a workout away from my beloved #LelandAO (The Best AO in Brunswick County…Just ask Snickers)…and if Fatback has anything to do with it today will be my last as well!

Warm Up

Seal Claps – IC – x20

Cotton Pickers – IC – x20

Moroccan Night Clubs – IC – x20

Mountain Climbers – IC – x20


The Thang

After our warm-up we moseyed over to Red Cross St to start our workout.

The first fun of the day was 11’s. Side A was the bottom of the hill and Side B was at the top.

Side A – Bobby Hurley’s (or Bobby Burley’s as I muttered in the cold this morning)

Side B – Man-Makers (55 in all)

After the moans and groans, snot rockets and chapped lips…we moved on down the street around the parking deck for a little 4 corners action behind the CFCC Union building.

3 rounds x10 reps each exercise

#1-Step-ups (10 each leg)




After 3 rounds of suck we moseyed back to the street where we lined up for a sprint between intersections and then back to the flag.


Flutter Kicks – IC x25

Plank-O-Rama – changing position after each 10 count

Hello Dolly’s – IC – x25



Prayers for continued blessings for 2019 – the men who posted this morning to be better husbands, wives…yes my brain stopped working…fathers, co-workers, bosses and men. Prayers for our military and the first responders who keep us safe each day.

Go After That OAR…paddle your way around to each AO and sign your name. (see what I did there…OAR…paddle…)


Fatback – for now “Blueberry” will stay OTB until I get the courage up to lead another AO workout.

8-Penny/Fire Marshall Bill – Limited or no warm-up didn’t slow you guys down at all.

Mr. Kotter/Dagger Board/Money Gun – good to see you out in the gloom – strong work!

Heisenberg – I saw you for the first time twice in the same week…either I need to get out more and visit other AO’s or you should come to Leland more often. Good to see you!

Snickers – Thanks for the show of support this morning..I’ll keep an eye out on the 29th for a picture of you signing the OAR.

Thanks for letting me lead at Battleship this morning…it was a good time!

Bluegrass (Blueberry) out!


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