5X5 DRP’s

Date 1/9/19

AO: Stingray


X of PAX: 20

PAX: Wapner, EOM, SnailMail, Babyback. Morpheus, FNG (Magneto), Bob the Builder, ExtraCredit, Sparky, Pledge, Footy, Sunshine, Barnacle, Fourteener, Offering Plate, 10 Count, Shakedown, SpinDoctor, BamBam

Warmup: SSH IC x40, Cotton Picker IC x30, Imperial Walker IC x30, Raise the Roof IC x40

Mosey to pull-up bars

Thang: Counting Druggist style

5 Pull-ups

15 Merkins

25 Squats

Run around pond to coupon pile and find a large DRP

35 Lionkings

45 LBC’s

Continue circle around pond back to pull-up bars

Rinse and repeat x4

T-claps to Bob the Builder, Spin Doctor, Wapner, and ExtraCredit (and any PAX I missed) for completing 5 circuits. (Actually BTB did 6 but who’s counting)

Mosey to near parking lot with 8 minutes left

BearCrawl Pattycake (hey, I found the name!): 1/2 PAX line up on side of parking lot, other 1/2 in middle; bearcrawl toward opposing PAX, meet in the middle, clap hands, crawlbear back to starting position; Rinse and Repeat x5 alternating hands; (I cut out the merkins b/c time constraints, but next time…)

Mosey back to flag

3 minutes left so BTB called Protractor, which is always a great way to end an exercise


Thank you men for keeping my brother Tucker in your prayers, he has another long road to sobriety.

Praise that Spin doctor’s 2.0 got a good check-up this week.

10 Count reminds us that tomorrow is soft launch of Thunder Thursday at Ogden Park which will be mainly a lifting workout with kettle bells. As always EC run begins at 0455.

Welcome FNG Magneto: Keep coming brother! Its only up from here.

YHC appreciates the mumblechatter especially from Pledge, Sunshine, Footy, 10 Count, and of course Fourteener! Its always great to see Shakedown’s smiling face ITG! I’m glad you are back in the mix SnailMail. Thank you MEN, it is a pleasure to lead from the Six!!!

OTC out




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