2019 #OarBoard Rules

Date: 1/1/19

Introducing the #OarBoard

AO- Everywhere in CapeFear

Pax: ALL

Be an #Oar in 2019 – and Sign the Oar.

January 1, 2019 AO Requirements – Just Check them all off of your list.

(You have all of 2019 to earn the #Oar, but requirements will be updated – expanded- monthly.)

Hugh MacRae

1.  HeavyMetal- Mondays 

2.  OG – bootcamp- Wed or Friday

3.  Cool Runnings- Thursday

Ogden Park

4.  Monster Factory bootcamp- Mon, Wed, or Friday

Veteran’s Park

5.  Screaming Eagle bootcamp- Mon, Wed, or Friday

6.  Affordable Thursday- Thursday

Leland Town hall Park

7.  Metal Mania- Monday

8.  Scorpion bootcamp- Friday


9. Run Forrest Run- Tuesday

Snow’s Cut Bridge

10.  The Bridge – Run- Tuesday

The Villages at Brunswick Forest

11.  Run Brunswick Forest- Tuesday

Wrightsville Beach Methodist Church

12.  Turbo Tuesday Run- Tuesday

Ballast Hotel Downtown

13.  Battleship bootcamp- Thursday 

Halyburton Park

14.  Battleground bootcamp- Wednesday   

Empie Park

15.  Breakpoint bootcamp- Thursday

Wrightsville Beach Town Park 

16.  Baywatch- Saturday   

Carolina Beach Elementary School

17.  Iron Island- Saturday 



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