Welcome to The Lion

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 1-8-19

AO: The Lion

# of PAX: 16

PAX: 8Penny, Chicken Noodle, Downhill, EPO, Flight Nurse, Heisenberg, Hoff, Hooch, Punky, R-X, Short Rib, Sir Mix A lot, Tiny Tank, Tombstone, Tubbs, Ugly Stick


In light of the recent loss of FiA pax Digits, many of The Bridge regulars discussed the safety of pax crossing the bridge several times on run days. We came to an easy conclusion that moving just across the river to the Food Lion parking lot would be safer for all our pax and might actually get us some visitors from up north who are not as brave as the 🦅’s and are to scared to run across the bridge! So the AO formally know as The Bridge has moved across the river and is now The Lion or The Lion’s Den, depending on who you ask.

So when YHC came up with today’s route, I wanted to introduce the pax to some of the many trails that CB State Park has to offer. I figured many had already run them, either during the 5k or half a few weeks back or doing some training for some event. I also put together a decent map of the route and included it in my preblast. So what could go wrong right! Well lots apparently… I’m pretty sure no one took the time to look at the map and those seasoned ultra runners decided to just run every trail they could find! I performed a route recon on Friday and Sir Mic informed me that he ran it last night and one portion of the trail had been closed. I think YHC was the only pax who actually ran the full route as intended! Oh and never tell lost pax who come back to ask for directions the quickest way to the road out if other slackers are in war shot! To make a long story short, 16 ran some trails this morning, most ran different routes, some ran further than others, some may have face planted, but we all made it back on time!

It should have looked like this:

Trail run through Carolina Beach state park. Leave the Food Lion parking lot and head north to the track trail. Take the track trail west until it ends on the main road in the state park. Keep heading south to the Marina. Continue straight on to Sugar Loaf trail. Hang a right onto Swamp trail and continue to the Fly trap trail. Run the Flytrap loop and get back on Swamp trail. Hang a right onto Campground and follow it to the Visitor Center. Pick up the road here and head out of the park and back to the Flags.


Strong work by all!

Iron Island is back and in need of Q’s for January!

Sign up for a spot to Q in February.

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank


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