RFR Fun-N-Games

Date: 01/08/2018
AO: Run Forrest Ruck – UNCW
# of Pax: 13
PAX: Sweater Vest, Morpheus, Milton, Tenenbaum, Parachute Pants (FNG), Seahorse, LETC, Hoverround, SOL, Mr. Kotter, Dagger Board, Money Gun, Gravity
QIC: Gravity

SSH x 20 IC
Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Seahorse breaks off as a lone rucker, I ask that he meet us at the parking deck in 15-20 minutes for some fun and games.

Break up into to two even groups, line up – Indian Run Race toward Hoggard Dr. to the BG Loop, down Riegel Dr to the first left by what used to be the intramural fields (new construction), then to the parking deck.

Once we arrive at the deck we climb the stairs one step at a time to the top.

There, the Q has stashed some sidewalk chalk and laid out 8 Tic-Tac-Toe boards on one end of the deck.

The Game: Tic-Tac-Toe
Each team, one player at a time, will sprint to make a mark on the board. No turns, each player is racing to make the first mark. The first board was the full length of the parking deck. The remaining boards were cut by about half. We finished at around 6:07 and mosey back to the AO.

COT: Prayers for Fire Marshall Bill’s nephews, Rain Maker, Mr. Kotter’s Step Father, military and first responders.

Moleskins: T-Claps to Parachute Pants – brave enough to admit his first concert was MC Hammer. He’s run three marathons in the past and signed up for the Wrightsville Beach Marathon (THE FULL MONTY!!!). Today was his first run to train for the marathon … hey, what’s your excuse. What are you signed up for? Great work Parachute Pants – you are gonna do great brother, keep posting and we’ll get you where you need to be so you are successful.

Always an honor and I’ve almost admitted to liking running in the past couple of days. #BringOnTheUltra

Gravity – out


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