Cannoli’s Merkin/Burpee Beatdown

Date: 01/04/19


Location: Leland Town Hall Park


QIC: Cannoli


# of PAX: 10


PAX: AED, BabyDaddy, Balthazar, Brady, LETC, Snickers, Stretch, Tombstone, Tom Sawyer


Warm Up


Windmill x15 (IC)

SSH x20 (IC)

Imperial Walkers x15 (IC)

Cotton Pickers x20 (IC)


The Thang


Merkin Ladder”


Two exercise points will need to be established to run between. Starting at Point A, sprint to Point B and perform x20 Merkins (see below), then return to Point A, and perform x19 Merkins (see below). This will continue until only one (1) Merkin is performed. 

Point A will rotate between Derkins and Irkins with a platform. Point B will be Merkins.

Following the first nine or so rounds, the PAX concluded this was “dumb idea.” By the end, all PAX were spent and wondering if they would be able to lift the arms in the morning.


Next the PAX circled up for a solid round of “Failure to Launch.”


“Failure to Launch”


All PAX circled up and assumed the Al Gore squat position. Starting with the Q, a ten-count was performed while holding the Al Gore and at the end of the count a tuck jump was performed in unison. The PAX returned to the Al Gore and the ten-count went around the circle of PAX.


The workout continued with a “Burpee Mile(ish) around the park. The –ish is due to the run only goingapproximately 0.7 miles based on the size of the park. 

“Burpee Mile”


About every quarter of a mile, the PAX stopped and performed 15 burpees. The run ended back at the AO starting point after completing 60 burpees in total.


To test the PAX’s ability to perform high reps of the Merkin, a “Merkin Pyramid” was performed while circled up at the AO starting point.  


Merkin Pyramid”


The pyramid consisted of starting with one (1) Merkin rep, then moving to a kneeling position and pushing your hands out in front of you (Air Merkin) one (1) time and then pushing your hands over your head one (1) time. The PAX then continued this sequence moving from one up to ten. Although this sounds easy, by the conclusion you will have a hard time pushing your own hands above your head.


The workout concluded with some Mary consisting of Indian Situps, Flutter Kicks, Rosalita, Windshield Wipers, and Hello Dolly.

Indian Situp x10 (OYO)

Flutter Kicks x25 (IC)

Rosalita x25 (IC)

Windshield Wipers x10 (IC)

Hello Dolly x25 (IC)




LETC and Snickers discussed the F3 Q Source initiative and working through a section of the book each week at Bojangles after the Leland Friday boot camp. Tom Sawyer and LETC both gave encouragement to the LA Scorpions regulars to keep pushing and EH men in the community. AED announced the first ever LA Scorpions F2 event on Wednesday, January 7, 2019 at San Felipe (near Walmart). 


Prayers for Balthazar as he moves down to South Carolina with his wife and family to plant a new church. 


It was a true honor to lead these amazing #HIM, as always, and I look forward to the next time. Thanks for pushing me to be my best.


Cannoli OUT!




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