Pearls on a String aka Run around the park and do stuff

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Morpheus, Messi, SOL, Dixie Chick, Snap On, Gravity, Mayhem, Wreck it Ralph, Pet Shop Boy, Flight Nurse, Seahorse, Wapner, Mr Kotter, Minecraft, Pony Express, Gravity, P-Doc and Glowstick.

Pearls on a String just sounds too formal for running around and stopping at random places to do stuff.

Warm up: 20 SSHs IC, 20 imperial walkers IC, 20 cotton pickers IC. Mosey to shelter for 20 crunchy frogs IC, 20 decline merkins OYO and 20 step ups IC. Mosey around the dark side of the park pausing for 20 4 count lunges, 20 heels to heaven IC then to front of park for 20 copperhead squats IC and 20 windmills IC. On to goose poop island for 20 dips IC and 20 jump ups then a lunge walk across the bridge and on to the pull up bars. Divide into 4 groups for 2 rounds of 10 pull ups, 20 squats, 10 toes to bar and 30 single count SSHs. Low plank when finished. Mosey thru the deep dark woods and around the ball fields to the coccyx and elbow friendly playground. Partner up for 2 rounds of 20 partner assisted sit ups, 20 inverted rows, 20 dips and 20 wooly worms on the swings.

Mary: flutter kicks, 100s, and v ups led by an unknown PAX, YHC and Wapner. Jailbreak to the flag.

Counterama and Namerama

COT: 4th quarter weigh-in and J&J to follow. Prayers for PAX, FMB’s nephews and their family and a PAX’s co-worker named Sammy who has thyroid cancer. May we reflect God’s light in our families and communities.


J&J BB: Good discussion on 1st day of Q-Source. Leaders cause disruption. Cameo appearance by Niles bringing attendance to 8.






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