Cool Fog Runnings


PAX: Ugly Stick, BTB, Gravity, 8 Penny, Pony Express, Gerber, Speedracer, SOL, Tiny Dancer, Trump, Fox Trot, Tannenbaum, Sloppy Joe, Tank, Heisenberg

Q: Flounder

Warm-Up: SSH x 50

The Thang: It was definitely a foggy morning starting out so we kept the running under the safety of the park lights.  After a quick mosey to the pull-up bars, we started the morning with 5 laps around GoosePoop Island.  In between each lap, 10 pull-ups and 10 Merkins.  From there we took a leisurely lunge walk to the main road running through the park.  It is much longer when lunge walking!  We then ran Streetlight Sprints where we would sprint to the first street light, jog the next, sprint, jog and so on for 20 streetlights.  Once complete, we reversed course but ran a sprint for 2 streetlights, jog 1 and so on.  Next was an Indian Run back around GoosePoop Island then a Jailbreak back to the AO.  We still had time for some Mary all OYO:  20 Sidewalk Surfers, 20 Knee Slaps, 20 Copperhead Squats.

SCOT/Moleskin: 2019 marks the year that I turn 50.  I have to say, without F3 I am not sure how I would feel about that and I certainly never would have thought that I look forward to it.  But, F3 does actually give me something to upbeat about.  I certainly have a hard time finding any respect but later this year, it will be mandatory!

Today was the official launch of Holy Crepes, which started at 6:30 am.  There are also multiple plans for additional AO’s in Ogden and elsewhere.  Leaders leading…it is fun to watch F3 grow.  Pryer requests for Fox Trot and his nephew, Speedracer and his journey with the military and FMB’s nephews.

It was a great morning to run and get a little stronger.

Flounder Out.



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