Battleship Burpdown


PAX: Shakedown, Cannoli, Mr Kotter, Fire Marshall Bill, Daggerboard, Bogey, Hoveround, Pigpen, Fatback, Coffeebean, Tombstone

Q: Knucklepuck

Warm up: Cotton Pickers x 21, Imperial Walkers x 21, Side Straddle Hop x 21, Circle Burp

The Thang: Mosey to Ann St for 11’s.  1 burpee then up the hill for 10 big boy sit ups keep going until you reach 10 burpees and on sit up.  Mosey back to flag on boardwalk one burpee at every other street.  A little mary to wind down American Hammer x 30, Heels to Heaven x 30, 50 LBC oyo, American Hammer x 15, Heels to Heaven x 15, 25 LBC oyo. Finished strong with a Circle Burp.

COT/Moleskin: Prayers to family with two children who have a very rare disease.  Prayers for all the families that lost loved ones in 2018.  Prayers for Military and First Responders.  Sign up for 5k run on Dec 19th and lets make a good showing for F3 Cape Fear.

Was a wonderful warm morning in the gloom of the mighty Cape Fear to cure the Fartsackitus of December.  An honor to lead the first Battleship workout this year!



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