The Longest Mile 2.0


QIC: Mayhem

A repeat from last year that even inspired a little Merlot being split.

# of PAX: 10

PAX: 10 Morpheus, Gumtree, Pet Shop Boy, Cross, Tiny Dancer, Gravity, Punky, Square Root, Glowstick

Warm O Rama

SSH x 28

Imperial Walkers x 14

Cotton Pickers x 14

Mountain Climbers x 14

The Thang

Indian run around the loop that ended at the first light post at the end of the parking lot.

The Longest Mile begins- Mosey to the first light post and do 1 merkin, mosey to the next do 2 merkins, add a rep for each light post until we reach the intersection. 

With 17 light poles that’s 153 reps

Once everyone is done we did a low plank for 60 seconds.

Heading in the opposite direction to where we began doing squats this time and a low plank for 60 seconds at the end.

Heading back we did LBC low plank at the end.

Mosey to the pull-up bars

14 pull-ups

14 dips

14 incline merkins

14 decline merkins

Mosey back to the first light post

To finish up the longest mile sprint to one light post then mosey to the next repeat until the last light post.

Mary – Hundreds, Flutterkicks, Heels to Heaven and American Hammers

SCOT / Moleskin

Do the OAR Challenge by posting to every AO and each unique workout at each AO to get your name on the OAR.

Don’t be afraid of change. Read this


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