Happy New Year, 2019!!

Date: 1-1-19

QIC: Tom Sawyer

# of Pax: (40) Snickers, Busted Grill, Hoveround, Double Check, Heisenberg, Chop Shop, Sunshine, 10 Count, FNG (Narcan), Launch Pad (F3 Johnson City, TN), EOM, Hush Money, The Hoff, EPO, 8 Penny, Dixie Chick, Ball Bearing, Venus, Ice box, Wapner, Tank, Coffee Bean, Blade, Seahorse, LETC, Flounder, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Fire Marshall Bill, Mcfly, Punky, Johnnie Cochrane, Blue Steel, Hooch, Tea Party, Spare Rib, Shakedown, Witch Doctor, Niles, Gravity & YHC.

The mission of our F3 is to Plant, Grow & Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. AYE!

YHC discussed the plain simple truth that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! Exercise at your own peril and modify/scale to need.  We did that!

The Thang:

Warm Up:

19 Cotton Pickers – IC

19 Seal Claps – IC

19 Hairy Rockets – IC

19 Hillbillies – IC

19 Pickle Pumpers -IC


Mosey over to Tennis Courts:

Early 2019 Ball Drop….40 Pax with 2 ct each…yep that is a total of 80 straight seconds of tennis balls to the fence

Speed 11’s

One court only….doubles line to doubles line for (1) burpee…..run to other side for (10) WWII sit ups, then back to other side for 2-9, 3-8…all the way to 10-1…YEP….55 burpees to start 2019 off right

Mary in the middle waiting on the 6…yep we do that kind of stuff

Mosey out to the Beach:

Went by AO to grab (2) beautiful American flags and formed 2 lines of 20 for Indian Run out to the sand while doing……wait for it……DAS LOOP….stay tight!

Lock arms for a 40 man long string of deep lunges down to the water, rotate 180 and back up to starting point for some………

DORA 1-2-2 (started out on paper as 1-2-3, but with the New Year and all and Pax wanting to end on time we shortened to 1-2-2).  Pax who ran DR did 10 LBC’s and returned to take over for DORA w/ their partner:

100 – Wide Arm Merkins

200 – Bobby Hurley’s

200 – Hello Dolly’s (modified to single count)

Mary on the beach…you know it…we did some of that too waiting on the 6

2 lines of 20 for Indian Run back to AO…stay tight…NO Das Loop on way back….sorry EPO!


Countorama – Still had 40 and that was a good thing for day one of 2019.

Namorama – Yep we did it counter clockwise (Dredd-style) and to confuse Snickers!  All 40 Pax stayed to be documented…AYE!

FNG’s – Welcome to Narcan…a local up in the Ogden area so we will be seeing lots of him in 2019.  SR fellas take care of him and pull him in tight.  A solid effort and he beat the fartsack! His brother-in-law from F3 Johnson City, TN (Launch Pad) finally got him out.  Nice EH!!  One FNG on 1-1-19…..need to increase!

Prayers, Praises & Announcements – Yep, had several.  LETC launched the #OARboard in 2019. Details on slack but jist is to hit all the different type of workouts at our various AO’s in 2019.  Nice work by Venus on the actual paddle….artisan craftsman that he is.  Took him 6 days….all done inside the F3 trailer.  LETC discussed the 1-3-19 (every Thrs.)hard launch of Big Rock Bible Study held shortly after Thrs. workouts at Holy Crepes (aka Crepes & More on Oleander Dr.). Gravity moved our coffeeteria (Blodymaryteria) just for this a.m. to King Neptunes as Donut Inn was closed for 1-1-19

Ball of Man / Pray Out – Of course we do that and our very own Snickers took us out into the day and propelled us into 2019!

Honored to have been able to lead and post with you fine HIM’s of F3 Cape Fear.  Until you paint (errr….we paint) fences again.  Thomas Sawyer, Esq. out.



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