Funked up pearls on a broga string


Pax: 8 Penny, tombstone, SOL, Busted Grill, Pony Express, wreck it Ralph, special K , the Real Franks, Rx , Moab , Punky, SurfnTurf, Seahorse, P-doc, Sparky , Tom Sawyer

QIC : Niles

Four and a half years ago our F3 brothers brought forth to this city , a new idea , conceived in sweat, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are in need of fitness , fellowship in faith. YHC was one of the grateful beneficiaries of this idea and to celebrate , I brought my boom box and 10 of my favorite old-school rap and funk jams to the hallowed grounds of Hugh McRae to celebrate with 16 of my brothers in rhyme.

Backblast in Haiku
Running the dark park
Merkin , burpee, pullup, crawl
Mosey, sprinting, stretch

Delighted to see brothers from the north and brothers from the south along with a solid dose of respects.


No specific prayer request today although surf and turf shared some wisdom. Prayers as always for first responders and for those that govern. Thank you pax for helping me be a better man. Niles out !



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