# of PAX: 5

PAX: Epo, Tubbs, Hammerhead, The Mounty, Foxtrot.

QIC: Foxtrot


15 Moroccan Nightclubs, IC

15 Cotton Pickers, IC

15 Copperhead Squats, IC

10 Single Count Merkins, IC

Pax split in 2 groups and grab a jump rope.  1 pax starts jumping rope, the other pax goes across the parking lot and returns.  Switch.  Rinse/Repeat until all pax have been on the jump rope 3 times.

The Thang

Mosey to a soccer pitch.

WWII sit-ups, Das Loop style, the length of the pitch.  All 5 pax lay down head to toe creating a line of pax heading down the pitch. All pax start knocking out WWII sit-ups as trail pax loops the line – as 1stpax completes his loop and starts to the front of the line, the next pax begins his loop.  Goal was to complete the same # of WWII sit-ups between each loop until the line reaches the far end of the pitch – about 5 loops per pax.

Mosey to sidewalk.

Pax splits into 2 groups with EA group 12 sidewalk cracks apart, or about 50 yards.

Suicides utilizing sidewalk cracks.  12 down & backs.  Group 1 completes 5 single count merkins while group 2 completes 5 squats after EA down and back.  Switch exercise.  Repeat.

Mosey to road.

Intervals.  Pax Foxtrot mosey to speed bump then Epo mosey or The Mounty mosey to next speed bump. Alternate between Foxtrot mosey, and Epo/The Mounty mosey back to flags.


20 Flutter Kicks – over & back (run to far side of parking lot and return).

20 Freddie Mercuries – over & back.

20 curb plank-should-taps – over & back.

Variation of Tabata planks – plank for a 10-count, rest, repeat until EA pax completed a 10-count.


Strong work by 5 pax!  Balmy 63 degrees made it easy to sweat through some cotton sweatshirts.  Coupled with Ranger panties, we had an ‘80’s retro look working.  45 minutes of constant movement.

Carolina Beach 5K and ½ Marathon tomorrow morning.

No Iron Island workout tomorrow; Baywatch Convergence.

Affordable Thursdays will go to Affordable Run Thursdays until the WB race is complete.

Don’t miss the last SE workout of the year Q’d by Tubbs on Monday – going to be a heavy hitting experience with a sparkling finish.

Don’t be an idiot when running in the dark.

This morning on the way to SE, Epo and Foxtrot were about 1/10 of a mile apart driving, separately w/ Epo in the lead, on Carolina Beach Road.  We were about a mile south of where a pedestrian was hit and killed on Monday morning.  Foxtrot saw a man walking with traffic outfitted in black, head to toe – just off the white line.  Epo never saw him.  Don’t do that.

Don’t be an idiot when running in the dark.

Be seen. Wear something reflective. For $2, less than a cup of Starbucks coffee, you can buy a reflective belt at the Army Surplus store on Carolina Beach Road across from Harris Teeter.  Add a headlamp.  Run facing traffic.  Don’t be an idiot.

Prayers for all in uniform and for all who have lost loved ones over the past year – this week can be difficult.  Prayers for all who are sick – especially ones close to us that go unnamed in our small groups.

When in doubt, take-a-knee-and-face-out.

Strong Work!!! Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.


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