Mixed Up Doubles

Date: 12-27-18

AO: Break Point

QIC: Thomas Sawyer, Esq.

PAX:  (5) Dixie Chick, EOM, Blue Steel, Morpheus & YHC

Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow & Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Aye!

YHC discussed the fact that YHC (feeling a bit like Bob Dole writing in the 3rd person) is NOT A PROFESSIONAL! Exercise at your own peril and modify/scale where needed.

Q Memory Verse for today’s workout: Matthew 24:13 “But He that shall ENDURE unto the end, shall be saved” KJV


Warm Up:

20 cotton pickers – IC

20 seal claps – IC

20 hairy rockets – IC

20 side straddle hops – IC

20 hillbillies – IC

Let’s get it on!!!  Indian Run with……DAS LOOP……..through parking lot, long way around new tennis courts under construction to bocce ball courts (aka bear crawl alley) on other side of park

Bear Crawl Boogaloo:

P1 Bear Crawls down & back on bear crawl alley while,

P2 does lots of Merkins.  We switched and then rinsed & repeated 3 times.


Mosey to bathrooms for some Tennis Balls to the Wall:

P1 thru P5 each called out a 15 count….that’s right 75 straight seconds of holding.


Mosey to the playground for some more doubles:

P1 did lots of dips while,

P2 ran to swing set for Decline Merkins with feet in the swing seat.

P1 ran back, P2 took off for same. We rinsed & repeated 3 times


Mosey to tennis court for more doubles with Dora 1-2-3:

100 Merkins

200 LBC’s

300 Hello Dolly (Double Count)


Mary: Hold high plank for 15 seconds per Pax……yep, 75 straight seconds.


Before exiting the tennis courts from our doubles matches we found some more time for Tennis Balls to the Fence:

P1 thru P5 each called out a 10 count….correctamundo…..50 straight seconds of holding.


Mosey back to AO around front of Empie Park with a jail break that last 100 yards (NOTE: the 4 other Pax had really cool various logos on the backs of their shirts….YHC saw them all!)



Countorama: 5 Pax……all good same as what we started with today

FNG’s: None, so that will have to change ASAP!

Namorama: Perfect lighting…all looked to have worked out for 45 minutes.  Seasoned professionals to the camera with what appears to be clean hygiene.

Prayers: Prayers for EOM’s grandparents, mom and entire family.  Grandparents are in their late 80’s & 90’s going through later life issues. Prayers for wisdom for his grandmother to submit and let EOM’s mom become power of attorney over their financial care for the years remaining here before they are called home.  That she would FEEL and know her family’s love.

Praises & Announcements: New Year’s Day Convergence at Baywatch w/ YHC on Q.

Ball of Man & Pray Out:  Yep, we did that.  YHC prayed us out into our mornings……..the hardest part of our day is now complete.

Thank you me for allowing me to lead today.  Always special with you HIM’s and the “Q juice was flowing” as Busted Grill likes to say.  Until we paint again…….TS out



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