Boxing Day- The Rocky workout

Date: 12/26- Boxing Day

But what is Boxing Day? And how did it get it’s name???

AO: Battleground

QIC: Special K

Pax: 3- Niles, Deputy Dog, Special K

Warmorama: Mama Said Knock you Out: Side straddle hop all of song, except when he says “mama said knock yo out” then do a burpee. I believe it’s close to 20 burpees and over 4 mins of SSHing.

The Thang: The Rocky Workout- Rocky soundtrack must be playing

Round 1. Mosey from AO to station 1: the patio

25 step ups/ jump ups

25 merkins

X 2

Round 2. Mosey to station 2: the restrooms

25 donkey kicks

25 step ups

Round 3. Mosey to station 3: the playground

25 inverted rows

25 Muscleups

Round 4. Mosey to station 4: park exit

25 walking lunges ea leg

Round 5. Mosey to station 5: bus stop

25 merkins

25 step ups

Round 6. Mosey to Station 6: Pine Valley Peak

What would a Rocky workout be wo hills/ steps???

Sprint to top of hill 10x yelling Drago at the top each time!

5 burpees oyo when complete

Round 7. Mosey back to station 5: bus stop

25 merkins

25 step ups

Round 8. Mosey to station 7: small hill thingy back in park

5 bear crawls/ crawl bears up and down small hill thingy in the park

Round 9. Mosey back to AO:

Shadow box for 1 min

Jump rope for 1 min

Knock out!!!!!

3 PAX also covered a total of 1.75 miles, bc Rocky ran everywhere! He didn’t own a car until Rocky 2! We had the opportunity to catch a rabbit, but we found out rabbits are faster than chickens!


Niles new hire. Pray that he becomes a strong member of the team

Special Ks Uncle. Pray for peace to him and his family as he is battling probable Pancreatic cancer in later stages

Thank you lord for the opportunity to work out this am in a free country and thank you to our military and first responders!

Praying for all the PAX who missed today’s workout. Pray that they are enjoying time w family celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, and not fartsacking on this 2nd day of Christmas!!!


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