The Murph/2


The PAX: SOL, LETC, Flight Nurse, Dixie Chick, P-Doc, Gravity, Wreck it Ralph and from the west bank: Snickers, Cannoli, Baby Daddy, Bluegrass, Bolt, Sonic and Pochee ( sp? ).

Warm up: SSH 20 IC, windmill 20 IC, cross country ski 20 IC, hillbilly 20 IC, LBAC 20 IC

The Thang: Partner up for a run the long way to the pull up bars. Team Murph: 100 pullups, 200 merkins, 300 squats cumulative as a team. Plank when finished. 200 partner assisted sit ups as a team, heels to heaven 20 IC and dips on the fence 15 IC. Return to the flag the long way  with karaoke, backward run and a sprint mixed in. Jailbreak to the flag.

Mary: Dying cockroach 20 IC, flutter kicks 30 IC and hundreds 30 IC.

Strong work by all. Enjoyed the addition of the Leland PAX as they claimed the ghost flag. They did their AO proud led by Bluegrass and his 2.0s Bolt and Sonic. Good to see P-Doc out. He hails from the early days of F3 Wilmington and can still crush it as he approaches MD status. On an odd TMI note, Snickers can actually remove his toboggan after a workout and have his hair straight underneath (genetically modified?).

COT: PAX encouraged to read about lizard organization’s on F3 Nation site. It’s a good thing, we don’t want to be bullfrogs or leeches. Prayers for the PAX, the new year, those hurting, and those who serve us.


Thanks for the opportunity,      BG



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