Mary Christmas, Dora!

# of PAX: 14, Including VIP Snowman from Hampton Roads!

PAX: Punky, Tom Sawyer, Epo, LETC, Pony Express, Dixy Chick, Tea Party, Seahorse, Bone Spur, Snowman, Busted Grill, Niles, Gravity, Foxtrot.

QIC: Foxtrot


20 SSH, IC (Varying Cadence)

15 Moroccan Nightclubs, IC

10 Cotton Pickers, IC

10 Copperhead Squats, IC

15 Single Count Merkins, IC

15 Flutter Kicks, IC

10 Single Count Merkins, IC

10 Flutter Kicks, IC

5 Single Count Merkins, IC

5 Flutter Kicks, IC

Start a mosey to the pull-up bars.

Pause.  Form Indian Run.  Good interval work with all pax sticking together arriving at the pull-up bars as a team.

The Thang

Break into 2 groups.

Pull-Up Group & Inverted Merkin Group

Within EA group, pax partner up.  1 pax starts doing either pull-ups or inverted merkins utilizing the dip bars while partner pax does squats.  Once 1stpax reaches burnout, switch.  Both pax must complete 20 pull-ups or 20 inverted merkins.  Once both groups have completed their first exercise, switch to other station.  Rinse/Repeat.

Dora 1, 2, 3

50 burpees, 100 merkins, 150 squats. Keep in same partner teams.  Work on form – constant moving.

Das Loop, as a group, back to flags.


Partner Up

Pax 1 does plank curbs with shoulder taps while pax 2 runs across parking lot and returns. Switch.  Rinse/Repeat x 3.

100 Leg Throw Dows | Stay in partner groups.  Together, pax must complete 100 leg throw downs with pax 1 doing the exercise while holding onto pax 2’s ankles – pax 2 throws straight legs to left/center/right.  Break up into any repetitions until pax have completed a total of 100 throw downs.

Tragically Hip Tabata.

All pax return to circle.  Q queue’s up a Tragically Hip classic, New Orleans is Sinking.  With the help of the boom and a Tabata app, all pax complete 4 minutes of high/low plank with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest x 8.  RIP Gord Downie.


You can’t celebrate Christmas Eve day all day long unless you start early – 14 pax got after it – strong work! Lots of constant movement and simple exercises.

Welcome and Merry Christmas to Snowman from Hampton Roads!

Really great to have such a fine turnout and distinguished visitors from the region. They may say they came for the Ghost Flag, but we know they simply wanted a good ‘ole beatdown to start the Christmas week and knew where to find it.  Like shopping at Macy’s in the old days when you knew exactly what you wanted and where to find it.

Thanks to Epo for the pull-up assist.

Really impressed with how all pax stuck together.

LETC can really stride.

Tom Sawyer applied extra effort to secure the ghost flag coordinating with Flight Nurse – if you want to ransack Flight Nurse’s car, it might be unlocked, according to a friend.

Gravity can motor – and will this weekend at a Carolina Beach 5K at the State Park – he’ll be joined by others – check it out online.

Seahorse showed great discipline getting his EC in by searching for the other ECer’s around Veterans Park.

Great to see Busted Grill and Niles…really surprised Niles drew a blank on who Gord Downie was.

Thanks to Tea Party for the VA assist recently.

Reality of the world hits early this gloom as we navigated on accident on Carolina Beach Road where is appears a pedestrian was killed, hit by a car between 0400 – 0430. Tragic reminder on the heels of Digits and Cheech that we can’t be cavalier when running in the dark – use reflective belts/vest and headlamps.  I can do better at this, too.  It isn’t that we know what weare doing, but must realize that others may not. #besafe

Prayers for all in uniform and for all who have lost loved ones over the past year – this week can be difficult.  Prayers for all who are sick – especially ones close to us that go unnamed in our small groups.

Really motivated this morning by all who showed up – thank you!

When in doubt, take-a-knee-and-face-out.

Strong Work!!! Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.


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