Backblast: 12 Days of Christmas, Baywatch Style plus Reindeer Game (Should have been Games but ran out of time…)

Date: 12/22/18

AO: Baywatch

QIC: SpinDoctor

#PAX: 38

PAX: Tom Sawyer, Hoveround, Franks, BoneSpur, Gravity, TinyDancer, The Adjuster, Happy, Bob Dole, Sooner, Dino, Punky, Mr. Miyagi, Footy, MOAB, Sonic, BlueGrass, Bolt, Sunshine, CoffeeBean, 8-Penny, Wreck-it-Ralph, My Precious, LETC, Blue Steal, Sprinkles, Niles, SOL, Dixie Chick, Busted Grill, SpinOff, Hahvahd, Tombstone, Witch Doctor, Double Check, Vogue, Heisenberg

Warmorama: 25 SealClaps, 25 Moroccan Night Clubs, 25 Cotton Pickers, 25 LBC (all IC)

The Thang:

Indian Run to the beach. Stopped at Intracoastal BLDG to allow the 6 to catch up.

Once at the beach, we watched the beautiful sunrise then… we did… 12 Days of Christmas, 4 corner style using the beach accesses as our square… Here are the 12 Days:

  1. (1) Burpee,
  2. (2) Split Jacks,
  3. (3) Bobby Hurleys,
  4. (4) 4 Count Flutter Kicks,
  5. (5) Merkins,
  6. (6) Jump Squats,
  7. (7) Freddie Mercuries,
  8. (8) Mountain Climbers,
  9. (9) SSH,
  10. (10) Lunges,
  11. (11) LBC’s,
  12. (12) Hillbillies.

Those that finished early did Mary until the 6 was complete. Then we moseyed back to the Basketball Courts… a little bit of Mary waiting on the 6 then Reindeer Games commenced… actually Game.

We had 6 teams of 6-7 members… we did a shuffle weave relay down and back. Winners did 10 Burpees OYO, so everyone was a winner!


Prayers… (Disclaimer: Gents I apologize for not remembering the exact prayers that were brought up during COT by Sprinkles and Busted Grill. I should have written them down.) Praises were given to all that came out and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise.

Merry Christmas to all, and look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year! Safe travels to those that are traveling and enjoy, ROGER THAT!!!

SpinDoctor, OVER and OUT!



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