Barrel of Fun


AO: Break Point

QIC: Flight Nurse

# of Pax: 5

PAX: EOM, HushMoney, SeaHorse, Tom Sawyer

Warmorama: 25 SSH, 25 Merkins, 25 squats

The Thang:


10 – 55 gallon barrel overhead presses……mosey …..1 – fence post curls

9 – 55 gallon barrel overhead presses……..mosey…..2 – fence post curls

repeat until complete

Mosey to bocce ball courts

Line up at the end of bocce ball courts and frog jump to the end, 10 decline merkins on picnic table, bear crawl to the end of the next bocce ball court, turn around and frog jump back, 10 decline merkins, bear crawl to the end, turn around and repeat 2 more times. (Strong work by @Hush Money!!!!)

Mosey back to AO


25 knees to chest using the 55 gallon barrels(great idea @eom)

15 little baby flutter crunches (ab destroyer…..for me at least)

25 flutter kicks

25 Monkey Humpers


Prayers for Digits and the family, as well as, the FIA and F3 family.

Strong work put in by Hush Money, 2nd time up early for a beatdown, hope to see more of this strong brother.

EOM always crushes it!!

Tom Sawyer brings the royalty and levity!!!

Seahorse taking care of his AO, great choice brother!

Always an honor and privilege to lead men I admire,

Flight Nurse


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