Mississippi Winter Solstice

Mississippi Winter Solstice

Date 12/21/18 – Stingray

QIC: Bam Bam


# of PAX: 16

PAX: YHC, Dino, Etch-a-Sketch, OTC, Baby Back, 10-Count, Bob the Builder, Spin Doctor, Deputy Dawg, Sparky, EOM, Sooner, Cracker, Trump, Ugly Stick, Zuckerberg




  • Seal Clap – 30
  • Parking Lot Spacers
  • Backward Indian Run, Carterican Style, to Rock Pile
  • Moroccan Night Club with Small Coupons – 50 (20 of which were performed squatted)
  • Backward Indian Run, Carterican Style, to Picnic Shelter


THE THANG: Focus on the Negative to get it all out and bring in the Positive


  • DORA – Partner Up – Focus on the Negative
    • 50 Inverted Rows (3 Mississippi Count Down)
    • 100 Derkins – 50 With Shoulder Tap/50 Without (3 Mississippi Count Down)
    • 150 Bobby Hurleys (3 Mississippi Count Down – Alternating Shooting Hand)
    • Partner Runs to Pull-Up Bars and Completes 3 Negative Pulls-Ups, (3 Mississippi Count Down)


  • 11s:
    • A Side – Burpees
    • Backward Lunge to B Side
    • B Side – Supermans
    • Sprint to A Side


  • Out of Time



  • Count-orama
  • Name-orama
  • Announcements/Praise
    • Sparky welcoming back his daughter and son-in-law
    • Ugly Stick welcoming back his brother-in-law to North Carolina
    • 10 Count going above and beyond with Becca’s Bounty to help those less fortunate and ensuring many have a Merry Christmas
  • Etch-a-Sketch has been awarded a Master Class in Shoe Design from New Balance (Check out the video submission to follow on Slack)!
  • Deputy Dawg celebrating 10 and ¾ months at F3! Looking forward to his 1-year anniversary Q!
  • 12 PAX for EC! Becoming a regular part of Stingray Friday!
  • Prayers to those displaced during this holiday season
    • Ruth’s and Reflections to follow –


  • Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me the opportunity to lead today. Looking forward to longer days and a bright future. It was and is a pleasure. Bam Bam out.


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