Indian Escalator Pearls of Zoning


Indian Peals Escalating on a Zoning Line
Date: 12/20/2018
AO: Battleship
# of PAX: 10
Pax: Cannoli, HoverRound, Heisenberg, Dagger Board, Sweater Vest, Mr Kotter, Deputy Dog, Money Gun, Last & Gravity
WIC: Gravity

In the wake of FIA Digits death, YHC asked everyone to have reflective gear and headlamps. We will be in the right of way, crossing streets and other things we need to be cautious about. Deputy Dog graciously agreed to be our Crossing Guard when it came time to cross busy streets.

SSH x 20 IC
Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

The Thang:
Here’s the idea, an Indian Run with Pearls on a String, in an escalator format, and we’ll run the border of the Central Business District. Since the entire Riverwalk is CBD border, we will start and end there.
INSTRUCTIONS: We will be running with lots of obstacles and in the right of way – we need 4 things:
1) Caution
2) Common sense
3) Communication, and
4) To stay together.

We start at the Riverwalk by the Ballast Hotel. We Indian Run (“IR”) north to our first stop, The Marina Grill. First exercise: 5 Dead Stop Burpees.
IR around Sawmill Point to the traffic circle. 5 dead stop burpees, 10 squat jumps.
IR up to 3rd St, cross and head to the Goat & Compass. Stop 3: 5 DS Burpees, 10 Squat Jumps, 15 Wide Grip Merkins.
IR down N 4th to Chestnut St., stop in the Thalian Hall Parking Lot (stop 4): 5 DS Burpees, 10 Squat Jumps, 15 Wide Grip Merkins, 20 Heels to Heaven.
IR down 3rd to Market, Market down to 2nd, South on 2nd to the USO – Stop 5: 5 DS Burpees, 10 Squat Jumps, 15 WG Merkins, 20 H2H, 25 Copperhead Squats
IR down Orange to Front, South to Ann (we were running short on time), West to the Riverwalk, then North and stop at the JW Brooks Bldg. Stop 6: 5 DS Burpees, 10 SJs, 15 WG Merkins, 20 H2H, 25 Copperhead Squats, 30 oblique Crunches (15 per side).
YHC stands up after finishing the crunches and realizes its 0615 – Jailbreak back to the AO – we ask the homeless guys under the shelter Who’s Motivated?

We could have made it another block and cut out the escalator, but felt like we had a good workout. One wrist thingy said we went about 3.9 miles, another said 3.5 miles – either way we got in a good sweat.

COT: Prayers for Digits, FIA Lex & F3 Lex. Prayers for Rain Maker, and our military/first responders. Blessing of Christmas – let’s not be troubled by the inn keeper turning away Mary & Joseph, but for the grace that the manger gave us.

As always, an honor and privilege – Gravity out



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