Holy Cannoli Christmas Beatdown



Date: 12/21/18


Location: Leland Town Hall Park


QIC: Cannoli


# of PAX: 6


PAX: Bluegrass, BabyDaddy, Brady, Snickers, Stretch


Warm Up


Imperial Walkers x15 (IC)

SSH x20 (IC)

Cotton Pickers x20 (IC)

Finkle Swings x12/leg (OYO)

Indian Run around the park (short run) back to starting location




“12 Days of Christmas”


Two exercise points will need to be established to run between. This workout circuit consists of 12 exercises, one assigned to each day, and each day designating the number of reps for each exercise. The circuit progresses just as the song goes; starting on the 1st day, then the 2nd and the 1st, then the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, and so on through the 12th day. Each day also represents the number of reps to complete for each exercise.


1st: Run to opposite exercise location

2nd: Tuck Jumps

3rd: Monkey Humpers

4th: Dive Bombers

5th: Plank Jacks

6th: Burpees

7th: Spider Merkin

8th: Jump Lunges

9th: Mountain Climber Cross

10th: Worst Squat Ever

11th: Pickle Pounder

12th: Worst Merkin Ever


All PAX felt fine after the first five days of Christmas and the Q thought he had come up with a dud, but the real gifts of a Christmas beatdown came on days six through twelve. By the end, all PAX were exhausted as the Q had hoped.


To continue the Christmas theme, the PAX circled up for some Randy’s, coined after the movie, “A Christmas Story” where Randy could not put his arms down. 


Randy’s x40 (IC)


We ended with some Mary consisting of Flutter Kicks and Hello Dolly.

Flutter Kicks x20 (IC)

Hello Dolly x20 (IC)




Brady announced that the normal LMM workout will be held on Monday, the 24th and Q’d by Sooner!


Prayers for AED’s surgery and speedy recovery, plus thankful prayers for Brady’s work presentation that went very well.


It was a true honor to lead these amazing #HIM, as always, and I look forward to the next time…oh wait, that is next Friday in Leland!


Cannoli OUT!





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