Block Party


QIC: Snickers

Location: Affordable Thursday 

9 PAX: YHC, Franks, RX, and Hooch

Warmorama: SSH ICx25,Bat Wings- 20 forward arm circles(hold), 20 backward arm circles (hold), 20 seal claps (hold), 20 overhead claps (hold), Copper Head Squat IC x20

The Thang:

Mosey to the Cinder Blocks. All four PAX collected a Cinder block. Franks like a REAL man grabbed the heaviest one. Thank you Franks. After collecting our Blocks we headed to the roughest asphalt I have ever seen. Which was fully appreciated later when we go on our backs for the Chest presses!!

We started with all blocks in a square facing each other. We assumed a plank position on the our blocks did one merkin in cadence, rotated right for an off set merkin (left hand on our block and right hand on the ground) together, rotated right again for another off set merkin (this time Left hand on the ground and right hand on the Next Block) we complete two revolutions, repeating this same pattern. 

The rest of the movements were done in a ten count pattern. While one PAX was completing ten reps the other three PAX held their block in a Pre-descrided fashion. 

10X overhead presses, Hold Block overhead when not pressing. One revolution 

10X Curls, hold block in the up position. One Revolution

10X One arm row, Hold block in up position Two revolutions to get both arms

10X CB Swing, Hold Block in a half squat when waiting. One Revolution 

10X, 15X, 20X Chest press while on your back, Hold block in the up position while waiting. Three revolutions with 10,15, 20 reps

10X Double Count American Hammers while sitting on your block, Hold V position while waiting. One Revolution

10X Double Count Scissor Kicks, Hold V position on the block while waiting. One Revolution

10X Incline Merkins on the Block, Hold Plank on Block while waiting. One Revolution

10X Decline Merkins on the Block, Hold Plank on Block while waiting. One Revolution 

Mary: Plank circle 10 count change up 2X rounds, LBC ICx15 (but hard to day how many we really did because HOFF made an appearance at this point) 

 COT: Prayers for AED’s knee surgery today, Praise for the Christmas collection done by Screaming Eagle. Praying those who received the gifts.

Announcement: Big Rock Bible Study continues tomorrow at Our Crepes and More 0630-0730. Those PAX who use Social Media please like and share post so F3 can reach more people 

Strong work Everyone. Was an honor and privilege to Q the workout today at F3 Whiteville. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is. 

Snickers OUT



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