Mid-Week Beatdown at HMP

Q: Snap-On


PAX: SOL, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Wreck-It-Ralph, Blue Steel


Began the workout at the AO by doing 20 SSH, then moseyed around Goose Poop Island along the road and did five Merkins at each speed bump. Moseyed to the tennis courts.

Began with 20 Imperial Walkers. The PAX then got in pairs. Corner A did 100 Bobby Hurley’s, Corner B did 100 LBCs and Corner C did 100 Freddie Mercuries. When a pair got to Corner D, they did 100 squats. We went around the court until the PAX did all four corners.

Moseyed to the baseball fields. Began with 20 Cotton Pickers. We moseyed to right field, then bear crawled to center field for some Mary. We did 20 Dying Cockroaches. Bear crawled to left field for 20 Heels to Heaven. Bear crawled to home plate for 20 Pickle Pounders in honor of Gobo.

Moseyed up to the parking lot and up to the stop sign and did five Merkins at each speed bump and back to the AO.

We then did a circle of Mary. Tom Sawyer led us in some Freddie Mercuries, Wreck-it-Ralph led us in the LBCs, Blue Steel led us in some Burpees, SOL led us in a Circle Burp and Tiny Dancer led us in a Ring of Hell (all PAX hold plank while one PAX does 10 Merkins, going along in a circle).


Carolina Beach 5K next Saturday the 29th.

Prayers for Wreck- it- Ralph’s mother, who will be going into a nursing home for 10 days during Christmas.

Prayers for military, police and first responders. Prayers for all during Christmas.


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