Maths are fun!



Date: 19 December 2018

QIC: Donut

Pax: Tombstone, Bagel, Plunky, The Mounty, Moab, Rx, Chicken Noodle, Hooch, Sugarland, Tiny Tank, Franks

Not everyone can be a mathamagician.  Everyone has different talents.  Some find that counting comes naturally.  Others find that bitching and moaning about counting comes naturally.  Me?  I like counting.  Specifically, I like counting and prime numbers.  I have a prime number of kids, a prime number of dogs, a prime number of cars and surfboards.  I like them.  I think they are neat.  I like to include them in my workouts, whenever I can.  Why?  I don’t know. I’m kind of a dork that way.  And being the fine upstanding pax that F3 men are, I generally expect that the pax would help me indulge in my early morning prime number fantasies and not complain.  Alas, here we are having this conversation.  Moving on….

Warm-up:  The Battlestation may have barista time and gourmet coffee, but we have the Beastie Boys and Brass Monkey.   SSH continuously.  At each “Brass Monkey” hit the deck and do a push-up.  That is 27 or so.  Moroccan Night-club x10.  Arm circles.

Now we mosey in a column and perform Das Loop (drop back do 5 push-ups then run around the column and back to the front).  Its fun and confusing!

The Thang:  After arriving at the desired grassy location, we caught our collective breaths  by doing inverted Hillbillies x10 (balls to the wall then bring one leg down to 90 degrees then back up.  Alternate).

Line up, its time for 11’s!! Yay!  Near side – merkin shoulder taps.  Far side – 180 degree jump squats (just like it sounds).  Now, since I wanted to make sure we worked out both sides of the body evenly, I asked that each exercise be done on each side for a single count.  Easy enough, right?  I merkin.  I tap the right shoulder.  I merkin.  I tap the left shoulder.  That is 1 count.  I jump 180 degrees and jump back.  That is also 1 count.  No one seems to have issues with doing 4 count exercises then counting by consecutive digits, but this process got some folks visibly upset.  Cries of “That is two exercises!” and “why are you doubling them!” and “I don’t understand!” resonated throughout the grassy landscape.  Intentionally defying the instructions, most decided to just do 22’s, by 2’s, which doesn’t make any sense at all.  Either way, we did 66 shoulder taps on each side and 66 180 degree jump squats on each side…. or 132 half exercises.  However you want to measure yourself, I guess.  My guess is that few had any idea how many they were doing anyway.

With a bit of time left, we did 20x dips and headed back out to the field for 5’s.  Near side Nolan Ryans (plank, reach up with right hand, reach under and across chest, return to plank.  Alternate).  To avoid confusion, I just let people decide whether they wanted to do a half of an exercise or a full one (e.g. both sides).  Far side is 4 count plank jacks (no rebuttals when this was called).

At the end, we Das Looped back to the flag with a jailbreak to impress the FiA ladies.

Moleskin: Strong work by everyone!  Cheers to Hooch who tried to help some new cafeteria staffer find her way to the cafeteria entrance.  Instead, she basically stalked us and drove in circles.  I guess we will never know whether some kid didn’t get his powdered eggs this morning.   Official F2 is at Joe’s Oasis tomorrow at 630.  Unofficial F2 is tonight in CB somewhere.  IM Tiny Tank for details.  Given the tragic events in Lexington (see below), there is conversation about moving the The Bridge start to Over The Bridge in the Food Lion parking lot for safety reasons.  If you have an opinion let it be known on the Screaming Eagle channel.

COT:  Prayers to the family of Digits and the FiA nation for their loss yesterday.  While I do not know the specifics of the accident, it was a good reminder for all of us to be visible and maintain situational awareness.  This is especially true during the winter when our workouts begin and end in the dark.  Prayers for our first responders, health care providers, educators (especially math teachers), and all those that seek the truth.

Thank you for letting me lead,









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