I have the Q tomorrow?

Date: 12/17/2018

QIC: Franks

# of Pax: 10 (inclusive of YHC)

Pax: Franks, Tiny Tank, Sugarland, Donut, Hooch, Tubbs, RX, The Mountie, 8 Penny, EPO

WARM UP: Das Loop Merkin Run


Partner Plank and Decline Merkin
Partner up, at every speed bump we did a partner plank while the other partner did a decline merkin on their partners’ back. #franksoriginal
Began with 10 reps and hit 40 with the last one.

Back to the Merkin Das Loop to the pull-up bars.

OYO – 10 Burpees

Pull-ups, Dips, and Squats…Rouns of 5, 10, 20 reps

Detour to the wall for some wall squats and air presses followed by Balls to the Wall

4 corners – Merkins, diamond Merkins, Wide Merkins, burpees. 2 rounds of 10 then 20 reps. 8 Penny did 3 rounds…

Plank team hurdles
Pax plank in a line while the last man hurdles all the plankers.


So I was sitting there Sunday night at 9pm wondering why no one posted the preblast to finally realize it was me, so by 9.30 Sunday Night I came up with most of this and some was on the fly. It’s fun not to have it all planned out as long as you keep the guys moving!

Franks Out!



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